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Time management: Tips and tricks

Time management is the the conscious effort of planning and taking control of your time expenditure in a given timeframe (24 hours, weeks, years, etc). Most people struggle to allocate time for various obligations (work, social life, family, hobbies, fun/relaxation). Depending on how well a person can balance time between those obligations, he/she can come out feeling accomplished and in control or overwhelmed with unmet deadlines, frustrated and even feeling inadequate.

Here is a short list of tips for taking control of your time (remember, time is money!)

1- Write down the things you want to accomplish (start with a 24 hrs time block)

2- Pick one thing that you must complete before the time block is over

3- Schedule breaks/relaxation time

4- Find someone to help you keep accountable for your goals (accountability partner)

5- If you have large project to accomplish, break them into smaller phases

6- Celebrate accomplishments

7- Learn to say no to commitments out of your reach

8- Ask for help

9- Plan for last life (minute changes, uncertainty, etc.)

10- Reach for perfection but be ok with best effort results

11- Spend time planning but spend even more time execute that plan

Picture of the skyline of San Diego after a full day of productivity and fun.

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