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Seed # 9- Write down your plan and to-do list periodically!

This can be done per week, or per month.  By having a written plan, you will be less likely to be distracted with last minute tasks or spend too much time on tasks that do not contribute to reaching your goals.  Make sure you have flexibility in order to make adjustments for last minute situations. Don't pack your days with so many task setting you up for failure when you get caught in traffic or have to stay late at work, etc. 

When you write your list make sure you write things that will make you reach your written goals, not just your day to day tasks. I recommend having separate lists for different goals.  It might be very easy to write things you have to do anyway (brush my teeth, exercise, go to the store) and make you believe you “accomplished so much today”. 

Be honest and keep your to do list to pertinent activities that will help you reach your goals.  This also leaves a trail of documented tasks completed for you to visit later and gauge if you need more or less time to complete or to see what tasks are taking longer and if anything can be done differently or improved.  In the long way, it will help you analyze what things you did to produce the most success. 

Challenge yourself to own and track your time!

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