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Seed #8 - Take time to celebrate your successes!

The society we live in is on a move or be moved mode. We are always on-the-go. we are always moving onto the next project(s), task, activity, commitment, etc.  We get up and stay busy for the rest of our lives.  We rush through the day, go to sleep, get up, and do it all over again.  The beginning and the end of the projects merge together.  Somewhere somehow you accomplished something good and you accomplished something awesome, followed by more and more to do.  Did you take the time to celebrate or just move onto the next project? 

Celebrating your successes small or big is important because when you succeed you likely didn’t do it alone. When you stop and celebrate success, it is not a selfish act, it is a way to appreciate others who helped you along the way.  It is also a behavior forming action that tells your brain, “What you did was a good thing to do.” Your brain releases the feel good hormone (Dopamine) and reinforces the behavior, eventually making it a habit.  This has the same effect when you thank others who supported you and will be triggered in their brain to likely want to help you again in the future. 

I highly encourage you to take time out of your busy schedule to celebrate even the smallest successes. From these successes, you will form habits that will produce bigger and greater successes.  Our brain is very smart but sometimes it does not register that you accomplished your goals. It is your job to stop, celebrate, and engrave in your brain those techniques are working and to keep it coming!  

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