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Seed #5- Make your bed.

This is a habit I learned at a very early age.  Growing up, making your bed was not an option, but an obligation.  Previously under “My Story”, I mentioned we often lived in very small houses growing up.  We often slept in the same area utilized for eating during the day.  The first thing we were trained to do as kids was to pick up our bedding to make room for breakfast.  Little did I know, this habit would serve me well during my military services and for the rest of adulthood.  In the military, that is one of the most essential habits you must develop.  In addition to keeping a neat and organized living space, making your bed in the military setting carries discipline and accomplishment.  In the military, every activity to be completed is referred to as a mission.  Making your bed can be seen as the first mission of your day.  During some military missions returning to your sleeping space is never guaranteed.  Making the bed is not only achieving the first mission of the day, but also prepares a neat place to rest upon returning to safety if you are one of the lucky ones that return.  For my civilian friends and family this might sound extreme, but for others it is just reality.  

Making your bed gives you the feeling of accomplishment first thing in the morning.  This creates a mindset that propels you to move forward.  Our brains are powerful and at the same time, easy to program.  If you program your mind with positivity, sense of accomplishment, organization, and order, you are more likely to expand those feelings to the rest of your day and life altogether.  The beauty of this habit is you have the opportunity to reset your mind every single day!  Imagine every day you get the chance to reset your way of thinking and the way you embrace life.  How is that not a good habit to develop?  Now go on and make your bed, take that time to picture you successful during the rest of the day and come back to your bed, full of achievements.  

What is your biggest motivation to change your mindset? What is a habit that sets you up for a productive day?

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