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Seed #3- Be frugal!

A non frugal person is inclined to make impulsive purchases without thinking or planning, at times to numb feelings or please others.  Whatever the reason is, it often leaves that person feeling that they are not in control, feeling regretful, and possibly feeling financially broke.  Taking control of your expenses will put you in charge and empower you to expand the feeling of control  to other segments in life. 

Be frugal with your earnings, budget your money, and save a portion routinely.  I suggest you open a savings account for your savings and review it often so you see how your money grows.  That will keep you motivated and it will make you think twice about  pulling out the credit card to purchase something you may not need. Just like managing and allocating your time, you need to be aware of your expenditure habits.  I advise you to write down all purchases, payments, credit card charges, and any other ways you use your earnings and credits.  This will give you a map of your expenditure.  Then, categorize items by your essentials and your wants.   There are several items we do not necessarily need and can save money by having alternatives.  When you look at your spending, you will be able to see where those expenses occur and which ones you can avoid. 

Live below your means, this will allow you to set money apart for investing (I’ll cover this in another seed).  Being frugal doesn't mean depriving yourself from enjoying life.  Being frugal means having control of your expenditure habits which will allow you to live a well balanced life.  Frugality will give you options in life, options to invest, options to make time for important things in life, options to be free of unnecessary possessions.  You can still live a fulfilling life while being frugal.  In fact, you might become more creative, more inclined to value others' company and time, more appreciative for what makes your life enjoyable, but without breaking the bank, and to be more grateful.  What is stopping you from being frugal? What changes did you see when you became more frugal? What is something that you do not miss since becoming frugal?

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