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Seed #2- Use your time wisely!

We all have 24 hours per day, every single one of us has the same amount of time in a day.  How come some people seem to accomplish more and have more things going on in their lives? The secret is, to use your time wisely. Budget your time in the same way you should be budgeting your money.  Your time is your greatest asset, invest it in activities that are going to return you profitable outcomes.  You can start by writing what things you accomplished today, keep a log of things that you did in a given 24 hours block.  That way, you can see where you are allocating your minutes.  Do this for at least a week.  This will give you a map of your days and allocation of your time per activities completed.  This data can help you consciously decide where you can make modifications to free up some time and rearrange your habits if needed.  If you are happy with how you are spending your time, this will reassure you that you are spending time on what is important to you and that you are on your way to achieving your life goals. 

When I was in grad school, the school workload was heavy and I felt that there was no time for anything other than studying.  Scientifically proven, human's attention span is quite short.  So studying for hours at the time was not the best strategy. Sitting for hours was actually counterproductive since my brain started to wonder and studying became ineffective.   So I breaked down the time I needed for essential tasks (sleeping, eating, etc.) subtracted it from the 24 hrs day and then divided the remaining time for my study/break time.  I used a timer to time my study time and make sure I mixed the day with other obligations (including exercising and fun activities).  This might be an extreme example of time management.  But it was very effective and it got me through grad school successfully and healthy. 

So managing your time and finding a balance for your life obligations and life goals is a must.  Prioritizing your time and investing it on what is important to you, will give you the control you need to make necessary adjustments and ultimately reach your goals.  Do you feel you are in control of your time? or does your days go by, wasting away leaving you frustrated, feeling unaccomplished and wishing you had more time? Do you find yourself always in a rush and struggling to meet deadlines?

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