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Seed #1- Take care of your body!

We only have one body.  You have probably heard this before so I will reiterate it to continue sticking it in your mind.  What does taking care of your body mean to you? Are you happy to be in it, to be healthy, to feel pretty, etc? Only you can decide what a happy, healthy body looks like on you.  If you’re not happy with your body do something about it! Don’t just sit there and complain about it.  If you cannot take care of yourself, a basic responsibility, how do you expect to take control of other aspects in your life?  Life is not about looks; it is about being healthy.  A healthy mind and body will allow you to enjoy more events in life.  You will be able to overcome the obstacles and other thing you need to reach your other life goals.  Think about it, the body you have is the only one you will have for the rest of your life. You may have clothing, vehicles, houses, jobs, etc in life, but they can all be substituted or gone entirely.  You get only one body until the end of your existence so take care of it!  It is your job to keep that essential tool sharp, ready to go, and take action to help you reach your life goals.  For me, I keep my mind and body healthy by running. I run because it gives me time to myself, to clear my mind, to recap my actions, to plan, and it physically challenges my body.  It also allows me to celebrate successes and at times, to grieve my sadness.  Yes, I can do all of this while running.  Instead of listening to music, I listen to books and podcasts while running.  To me, this makes my time running feel productive as well.  What you do to stay healthy doesn’t have to be running, it can be any exercise, even meditation. Find something that you truly enjoy, something that gives you time for yourself.  Whatever you choose is about getting the time to take care of yourself, of your body, of your soul, to clear your mind, and to digest the busyness of your life, is for you to choose.  There is tons of content to feed your brain during mindless exercising, cleaning, driving, etc…. but that my friends will be for another seed.  In the meantime, go on and tell me what is your strategy, tip, choice to take care of your body.  What are your obstacles, your struggles, that challenge you when it comes to taking care of your body?

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