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Updated: Jun 24, 2020


Welcome to this space, the purpose of this blog is to share experiences and memories otherwise gone with time.  This is a space where you all can also share your experiences, learn from each other, be a source of motivation or find a community that can lift us up when needed.  Along the way I will share personal experiences, strategies, techniques, and tips that have been the building blocks to a successful, and fulfilling life of abundance. 

I will call these publications/postings “Seeds for Success”, but seeds are just that, potential.  They are capable of growing into an enjoyable and usable product.  Seeds need action, nurturing, perseverance, and patience.  They don’t provide an immediate reward and cannot grow isolated.  My hope is that you take the seed and put it into action so you can enjoy the abundant harvest.  Every seed I share will be numbered for the purpose of future reference (ex. refer to seed #X) and will be shared in no particular order of preference or priority. 

I intend for you to find them of value; feel free to share  as many or few as you’d like.  I can’t wait to hear from your harvests, as I assure you, they can be a source of many richness with the appropriate action.

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