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I have some explaining to do:

In my last post (Seed #5) I posted a picture of my bed while I was deployed. After some inquiries, I decided to explain a little for my civilian friends. The picture posted here shows my bed in military mission. We slept in a metal box that was adapted for living in. The person that lived there before left the motivational stickers (I didn't see the need to remove the) and the city skylight which was night fluorescent (it was actually helpful when the power wen out and as night light). The "stress doll" was a gift from a group of volunteer veterans who make them so we can have them to help with the stresses of being deployed.

The Picture with the red lock is during a training mission and that was pretty much the space we got to store and keep our personal items storage.

The other pictures were of the sleeping sites. You can tell how the metal containers were stacked up to make better use of the space.

Many things in life you won't be able to control. Control what you can, adapt and improvise those you can't, and embrace the challenges the uncontrollable provide.

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