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Advise to my grand daughter (and to our younger generations)

I wrote this message while flying to meet our first granddaughter. Of course I didn't read it to her. She is to young to understand it all. So I got thinking, what is I never got the chance to tell her or any other future generations these words of wisdom? So I wanted to share it here so it can be found later and share with you!

I wrote: Dear young human been, I hope this words reach you early and most importantly, that you give them some consideration and hopefully in some way they influence your life in a positive way.

As you move along your life, here are some things I learned are universal and therefore they apply to everyone no matter race, color, shape, etc, etc.

  1. life might seem unfair at times, but somehow we all get challenges and opportunities. It’s up to us how we read to those events.

  2. Time is a great equalizer, we all have the same amount of hours in a given day, it’s up to you how you spend your time and the result of your actions either, get you ahead or set you for failure.

  3. Life is short and the life that we share with others is even shorter. Love and express it to those that are important to you. At the same time, don’t waste your time with people that don’t value you.

  4. Staying motivated and positive 100% of your existence can be challenging at times. There is nothing wrong with letting yourself be vulnerable and acknowledge your sadness, hardships, etc. But when you are done with those moments, take a moment to write down at least three blessings you still have and are grateful for. Attitude of gratitude will transform your life.

  5. Be willing to give back. Giving back didn’t have to be money or physical things. It can be time, love, physical help, etc. We all have something to give to others.

  6. Be selective with the people you spend time with. You are the average of the five people you spend the most time around. You should not be the smartest people in the room all the time. Seek people that are successful, that you admire and can contribute to your continuous intellectual growth.

  7. Maintain straight physical posture. It’s good for your body and your attitude. Stand proud of your actions. Your body would appreciate you as it ages.

  8. Most everyone will tell you to save and save. While that is primarily important, you would need to invest. Educate yourself on the power of investing your money and write down a plan for it.

  9. Take care of your physical appearance. You only get one body to last you for your lifetime. Take care of and it will take care of you. Above all, maintain it healthy.

  10. Celebrate your big and small wins. It’s a way to tell your brain that whatever you are celebrating is good and therefore your brain will crave more of the same behaviors.

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